John Fehr has been a part of our team for over 7 years. When he first joined our team he was an installer and is currently working in sales. He is married to Tina and they have 2 girls and 1 boy. 

Owner, Peter Klassen and his wife Helena founded PK Construction in 1992. They worked together installing windows, siding, and metal roofs themselves. They have 2 children: Annie, and her husband Henry, and Corny. Peter enjoys music and playing the drums. He is fascinated by aircraft. Helena is a full time house wife and loves spending time with family. Together they plan on traveling the world.

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Bernardo Wiebe and his 2 sons have been building metal buildings for 4 years. 

Johan Loewen is another metal building crew leader who does an outstanding job. He is married to Ann and they have 3 boys and 2 girls. They love to go shopping and travel to the beach in their spare time.

Henry Martens has been on our sales team for 4 years and he is married to Annie, who is the office manager. Henry loves hunting and Annie enjoys photography. Together they love to travel.


Cornelius Unger and his son has been installing windows for over 8 years and do an outstanding job. Cornelius is married to Tina and they have 5 children. In his free time, Cornelius loves to watch Nascar and his son, Jake, loves to hunt and go fishing.

Ben Klassen is the newest member to our team who handles all maintenance calls and is transitioning into sales as well. He loves music, playing guitar, and traveling. We are excited to have him on our team.

Henry Hiebert is the head of our concrete department. Henry and his crew are always hard at work. He is married to Lisa and they have 1 daughter. He loves being outdoors and going hunting.

Corny Penner has been in construction for over 16 years and is a valuable part of our team. Corny and his wife Tina are raising 4 sons. He loves watching football and is a Denver Broncos fan.

Peter Banman has been on our team for over 3 years. Before going into sales, he was a professional at window installation. Peter is married to Lena and they have 3 girls and 1 boy. Peter loves the outdoors and enjoys watching football, he is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys.